Are you the Technician in your Business

Before I was taught how to run a Business I was spending in excess of one hundred hours a week as the ‘Technician’ in my business.

Let me explain. There are three key areas where you can spend time in a business.

  • Technician... doing the Stuff
  • Manager... doing the management stuff
  • Entrepreneur/Strategist...the business owner doing the strategic stuff.

Almost all my time was as the Technician, maybe a brief moment or two in the Manager zone and zero in the Strategic zone. The tasks I was focusing on could and should have been done by my staff at a relatively low hourly rate.

The big learning for me was that every time I did these tasks I could be valued no higher than my staff because I was doing the same things as them. I needed to develop ‘some pain’ around this so that I could concentrate on the tasks that had a higher dollar value.

I had to snap myself out of my state of DENIAL and start focussing on the important stuff, the areas of my business that generated real returns.

So my time was made up of 95% Technician time and maybe 5% Management time and zero Entrepreneur/Strategist time working on my business doing the critical things. I’d heard that business owners should spend some time working on their business but didn’t understand what was meant by that. Given what I know now, I firmly believe working on your business should account for 95% of the business owner’s time. My time then, was completely the wrong way around as would be the case with a very high percentage of business owners.

Can you fix this instantly?

In some cases, maybe. My recommendation is to do it gradually. If you could get it to 50% working ‘in’ the business and 50% working ‘on’ the business say, within the next six to twelve months, then I can almost guarantee you two things will occur;

  • You’ll have a better work/life balance.
  • Your Business will be running better and more profitably.

When you get it to 95% ‘on’ and little to no time ‘in’, then you have a business that works without you! I bet you just asked yourself, “Is that really possible, to have a business that works predictably and profitably without me?”

It is if you learn and the 4 steps to Time and Money Freedom....






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