The Rule of Nine

The Number 1 Trait of a Successful Marketer is PATIENCE!

Having been personally mentored by the world legend of marketing Jay Conrad Levinson. The Grandfather of Guerrilla Marketing and mentor to the likes of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Michael Dell my 1st lesson from Jay hit me hard.

Successful marketers have PATIENCE, unsuccessful marketers expect INSTANT RESULTS.

Let me introduce you to the RULE OF NINE.

Imagine someone being exposed to your marketing message for the 1st time, some people expect the prospect to jump up and buy immediately, here is the reality.

Apathy to ready to buy must penetrate 9 times. That’s the good news the bad news is for every 3 times you put your message out there they are only paying attention one time, your prospects are getting more than 3000 messages a day!

Put message out 3 times you penetrate once, what happens … nothing.

6 times they faintly realize they’ve heard your name.

9 times they realize they have seen or heard your marketing before and they know unsuccessful companies don’t market. Momentum has started but they are not even close to buying yet.

12 times, not much, they look for other signs of your existence, perhaps ask a friend.

15 times, something wonderful happens they read all your copy. Pay close attention to your commercial or marketing message. If you’ve listed your website they will click through. They may request a brochure.

Now you’re beginning to get frustrated. This is where most businesses bail out. They figure they need a new message, new website. Truth is they are doing everything right.

Marketing does some great things but rarely does them in a hurry.

18 times they begin to think about when they are going to make a purchase, where they’ll get the money, but they aren’t ready to buy.

21 times penetrated 7 times, they are telling others they are planning to buy from you. They may even add it to their diary.

24 times this is when they check with whomever they normally check with before buying big ticketed items. They plan the day and time of the purchase. You still see nothing though.

27 times they come in and buy from you they treat you like an old friend but you don’t know them from Adam or Eve.

How did this come about ? You did it with patience.

PATIENCE makes it happen.






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