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What readers are saying...

I recently purchased a copy of your book “Small Business - All you need to know to make it happen”.

I was interested to read it as part of my role involves speaking to store owners and employees in a tutoring and mentoring role. It is a very clearly written, easily understandable book of basics, the uncommon characteristic “common sense” and numerous strategies and Action Points to guide the business owner to creating a profitable business. There were many useful ideas and tips I will be using as I am currently re-writing the business plan and S.O.P.’s for my current responsibilities.

As a tool for our Franchisees it makes great reading and a fantastic basis for taking a technician and turning him/her into a business owner with a finger on the pulse rather than “in the pie”. As somebody who spent far too many years with a both hands “in the pie” I will have no hesitation in recommending it at upcoming training sessions as a “must read” to our franchisees.

Congratulations and well done.

Geoff Wells Brand Manager Belgravia Fashions

Just a quick note to thank and congratulate you on the publication of your recent book - “I moved my cheese - you can too”

I have read it all, cover to cover and taken copious notes and have already implemented many of the processes in relation to financial management and systems.

The feel of the book is fabulous as it really conveys your passion for business while accurately describing the emotional vortex that many of us small business people get sucked into while we try to fumble our way through our daily business lives - especially while trying to maintain the illusion of an effective family life!

I found that the book would be one that would offer a mountain of support to any business owner who is serious about taking responsibility for their own results - your story is inspiring and ever so timely in the midst of mainstream economic doomsayers.

Congratulations, well done and I look forward to the sequel!

Kind regards,

Russell Joseph, Director RJ Builders