Whatever It Takes ™ Mastermind is my Premium Program where we work on 3 key components that I believe make up try Quality Of Life .... Money..... Health ..... Relationships.

After working with business owners for over seventeen years I have seen 1st hand how many business owners are 'delusional' as to where they are really at in life. Working 100 hours a week, 50 kilograms overweight, Smoking like a chimney, Eating Rubbish, No time for Family, Friends, Hobbies, No exercise, the list goes on.... yet many believe everything is going well.

You are no good to anyone DEAD and if you don't focus on Health and Nutrition now you're guaranteed you'll focus on Sickness later in Life. Everything is Discipline or Regret... do you have the discipline to address it now or will you have the regret later.

While the Mastermind program is predominantly about growing a successful, profitable business that works without you we do make sure health and nutrition is taken care of so you can enjoy life to the full.

We will work together for a minimum of 12 months, during the program you will also work with my team of specialised trainers to ensure we are achieving our goals and targets.

While most people that do my Whatever it Takes Mastermind program have already completed my 'Unlimited Business Growth Program' it is not a requirement to have done so and in certain cases you can go straight into Mastermind. As with all my programs they are by Application only as I only work with Businesses that I believe are the right fit for my expertise. 

If you're keen to find out more about Mastermind then the next step is to Apply for a Strategy Session where I will spend an hour on a call and we can discuss any bottle necks and challenges and explore the opportunities available.


Plus: you can relax knowing you are protected by my Risk Free Money Back Guarantee. Why would I offer a Money Back Guarantee? Simple, I'm good at what I do and I'm prepared to put my money where my mouth is. Unlike many Coaches and Consultants that have never owned a business of their own and perhaps base their teachings on a book they read yesterday, I've had over 35 years of experiences both good and bad plus I've written the books that they are reading.




As with all my programs they are by application only, so if you have an established business that you are keen to grow, you have an existing team in place and you have a Whatever It Takes™ Attitude then APPLY HERE and complete the brief application in as much detail as possible. If the fit is right we will then jump on a call for an hour and explore the opportunities for you and your business.

'Be encouraged, enlightened and challenged to leverage your life with Bruce Doyle's all encompassing series, 'Whatever it Takes'. A supportive program based on living a life of excellence, with foundations  of integrity, efficiency and the courage to dream large, then how to take the required action to make goal setting attainable for every individual prepared to commit to being the best that each can possibly be. Let Bruce and his team of experts supportively change the way you think and live!'

Pam Godfrey, Business Owner, Melbourne

Bruce has an ability to connect with & engage the small business owners at their level. At our recent state conference Bruce was able to present valuable business basics to old & new hands alike, striking a cord with all 30 franchise owners in the group & giving valuable insight & answers to those everyday issues that people are often afraid to address for fear of appearing stupid or being 'the only one' with that problem.

Gail VanGaalen, Franchise Manager - VIC/TAS, Tint a Car

” Bruce, Amazing; unbelievable; inspirational; dynamic. Kept everyone on the edge of their seats the entire event. Inspiring and inspirational speakers.

A must attend for everyone, everywhere no matter who you are and what you do you will gain valuable insights into everything you thought you already did, but didn’t.”

Meryl Carter, Real Estate Entrepreneur

“Hi Bruce


I have been to many seminars, trainings and workshops on my journey, some featuring globally renown personalities.

The Whatever It Takes weekend was the most productive learning environment I have ever experienced.

Thank you, I am deeply grateful. “

Trevor Parish, GM. Telecommunications