Bruce is passionate about providing massive value to his audiences large and small.

Bruce has been a professional speaker for over 17 years and has presented around the globe sharing the stage with the world's best trainers and mentors. From humble beginnings as a Deli owner working over 100 hours a week and struggling to get his business under control Bruce now shares his amazing journey through over 30 businesses of his own and a 17 year track record working with Business owners and their teams.

With Bruce you don't get the standard text book content, you'll get the warts and all of what works and what doesn't. The message is delivered in a manner that is easy to apply and will if implemented deliver immediate results.  

Bruce has addressed and trained teams of 10 to audiences of over 5,000 throughout Australasia as well as New York, Dublin, Fiji, Auckland, Fiji, LA to name a few. 

Bruce can customise and deliver content for any audience on topics such as:

  • Business
  • Time & Energy Management
  • Leadership
  • Marketing Online and Offline
  • Guerrilla Marketing
  • Sales
  • Team Building & Recruitment
  • Behavioural Analysis

Bruce was personally mentored and trained by the Grandfather of Marketing Jay Conrad Levinson and continues Jay's legacy as a Global Master Trainer. Guerrilla Marketing sessions can be scheduled for Business Owners and their Marketing Teams and can be conducted as one day and two day sessions.

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” If I had a choice of seeing Robin Williams or Bruce Doyle deliver a talk I’d select Bruce in a heartbeat”

Jay Conrad Levinson, Founder Guerrilla Marketing 

Travelling the world I've had the privilege to see, hear and meet some great speakers in the global professional speaking community.

Bruce Doyle is an absolute natural - I never miss an opportunity to hear Bruce speak. I find him captivating, compelling, insightful, hugely knowledgeable and hilarious!

For great presentations delivered with personality, flair and style - Bruce is your man. It is a joy to be in his audience - he delivers sessions that are packed with information and top business building ideas and he does it with the humour to make it stick.

Make sure you put his sessions in your diary first! And make sure you take action on what he suggests - his stuff works.

Mary Colin, IFFPS